Firm Description

Wilkinson Global Asset Management, LLC is an SEC-registered* asset management and investment advisory firm based in New York, New York.  The firm manages balanced, equity and fixed income strategies to serve the needs of individuals, families and institutional investors worldwide. 


Wilkinson Global Asset Management, LLC launched in December 2018, but the firm’s history dates to the founding of Dudley & Wilkinson in October 1972.  The current leadership joined in the early 1990s and has employed a consistent investment approach and built a cohesive team through a multi-decade corporate evolution. 

Investment Approach

Wilkinson Global Asset Management, LLC’s investment approach is classical and rooted in four basic principles: 

  1. Invest for the long-term to release the power of compounding;
  2. Exercise intellectual flexibility and never depend on investment formulas, models or styles;
  3. Maintain a global perspective – there’s always prosperity somewhere; and
  4. Focus on enduring investment themes, in other words, concentrate capital in holdings that are representative of the dominant economic forces that drive growth and change.

The firm’s investment team builds portfolios employing direct ownership of stocks, bonds and cash instruments.  Stock selection is focused on identifying companies that in the opinion of the investment team are creating growing value and have a demonstrated commitment to shareholders and economic sustainability.  Company research is conducted using primary source information to evaluate the quality of each company’s financial characteristics, management team and the enduring nature of its target market opportunity.  The primary objective for the selection of bonds and cash instruments is to insulate balanced portfolios from the inherent volatility of equity markets and, where possible, generate income. 


Wilkinson Global Asset Management, LLC’s core management team has built and run successful investment firms for more than 25 years:

Donald M. Wilkinson III, CFA – Chairman & CEO (joined predecessor firm in 1994)
Charles C. Wilkinson – COO, CFO and CCO (joined in 2001)
Juerg Grimm (joined in 1993)
William J. Welsh (joined in 2008)
Elsete Badushov (joined 2005)

* The Registrations and memberships of Wilkinson Global Asset Management LLC in no way imply a certain level of skill or expertise that any of the SEC, FINRA or SIPC have endorsed the company.